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Lack of Focus Plays D&D 5e Episode 0…

April 21, 2020

Join Ed, Sean & Kris for another episode of Lack of Focus, but this time its not really a lack of focus, as much as it's a focus on not X-Wing, heck it's not even Star Wars...


We are not sure how this episode will go down, as its fairly bland with some of the cast getting used to ROll20 for the first time and some playing 5e for the first time so it's fairly light in story aspects but we hope these will get better as we become more comfortable, and Kris promises to make a fool of himself with some silly voices and accents (well we know he already has a silly voice and accent but you know what we mean!)

Please make sure you give us some feedback on this episode as we were relatively worried about how it would be received as its a huge divergence from what we are used to.

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