Lack of Focus Podcast

Episode 83 - Live from the Sentry Box

August 17, 2021

We managed one episode back on the "normal" schedule before life got in the way again, so this episode we have Kris calling in live from the Sentry Box on his Friday Night X-Wing Night!

So join Ed and Sean for the usual chater, a whole load of if, buts and maybes and then some X-Wing talk.

*Kris also remembered to do a thing in the description that he said he would!*
Kris's Card Storage Solution for X-Wing
3200 Count BCW 4 Row Storage Box:
Mayday Games 63.5mm x 88mm Premium Sleeves (50 pack)
Card Dividers:

For the sleeves, I found that the Mayday Premiums are a good snug fit, with a nice feal, the standard style are the same size but are a lot thinner and I didn't like the feel of them.

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